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What is a POAP?

POAP is a new way of keeping a reliable record of life experiences. Each time they take part on an event, POAP collectors get a unique badge that is supported by a cryptographic record. These badges are Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) and open a whole new world of possibilities.

Why use POAP?

POAP allows event organizers to better engage with their audiences by providing a customized experience. POAPs not only offer special designs but allow for a range of integrated services such as private chat rooms, raffles and more.

Users can generate their own POAP collections to prove the places they've been to and earn bragging rights.

How does it work?

Organizers can create their own event on the POAP platform to customize designs and products they will offer attendees.

Users should be on the lookout for QR codes in POAP sponsored events in order to collect badges and participate in different activities.

Once your community has a POAP, there are many ways to re-engage with them.

Why build on POAP?

POAP is an open platform that empowers developers to create experiences that people love.

POAP Builders are the dreamers creating the vibrant ecosystem of applications that energize communities and empower human connection.